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Cote Noire Real Touch Flower Diffusers

Real Touch Flower Diffusers with natural scent. The flowers have been skilfully hand crafted & uses a special, natural coating to give every petal a life like touch & appearance. Infuse these flowers with a little spray from the natural scent provided, a rose petal fragrance with notes of peony and iris.  They smell as realistic as they look and like any diffuser they provide a gentle fragrance in any room but look so good as well. They will look super in a sitting room, a bathroom, a hall or even beside a bed.

The set of 5 roses come in 2 different coloured vases and include the rose petal fragrance, all beautifully packaged in a ribboned Cote Noire box.

H15cm x Dia 18cm


Pink Flowers with Clear Glass or Black Glass Vase

Blush Flowers with Clear Glass Or Black Glass Vase

Blush Flowers with Clear Glass and Gold Badge Special Edition


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Flower Care

Each flower is skillfully hand crafted and uses special, non toxic coating to give each petal a natural touch & appearance.

Once a week or as desired, lightly spray the perfume included directly into the flowers but try to avoid spraying onto the petals.

Spraying the petals with water once a week will keep them soft and lifelike, however do not pour water directly into the container.

Too avoid fading, keep away from sunlight.

Suitable indoor use only.

Flowers may contain dyes so please keep away from fabrics.

If you need to clean the flower, lightly wipe with a wet cloth and a mild detergent then allow to air dry.

Do not put near a naked flame.


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